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John Orendt - Software Engineer

Hi, tell me about a problem you have and let's see if we can solve it together. Call me 808-372-1570

John Orendt - Software Engineer, says "Computers should make life easier and more satisfying for you. I can make that happen!".

I have good communication skills, written and oral, including public speaking. I'm good at diplomatically asking the right questions to discover what the client really needs.

I have an excellent record of follow through, my projects get completed, tested, and they work. When things are messy, I'm the guy who will organize, troubleshoot and get things running smoothly.

I'm a very flexible  and adaptable person. I can synchronize my schedule to match yours. No need to worry about time zone differences.

My skills include: 

C# expert (currently using .NET Framework 4.5) WPF, XAML, WCF, XML, ASP .Net See samples of my C# code  Some OOD techniques used are factory, MVC, and MVVM patterns. 

OOD I have been doing object oriented development since 1992

SQL expert MS SQL server, SQL Lite, MS Access, Sybase, and Oracle. Completed Sybase training courses, "Fast Track to Sybase" and "Performance and Tuning".

Other tools I know which may be relevant to your project are:

Visual Studio 6.0, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2010, and 2012, SQL Server Management Studio 2000, 2005 & 2012, MS FrontPage, and MS Expression Web.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques developed and proved while Engineering the
Tic-tac-toe game provided insight towards Engineering the Automated Commodities Trading program HT-TWSAPP.

Engineered C# Tic-tac-toe game, play local or an opponent across the internet or against an almost terminator like learning computer aka the AI (Artificial Intelligence). The AI can learn from experience and apply that knowledge toward goal directed action, in this case to win or to avoid losing. The AI uses concepts of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, detect bad move, and rotational symmetry. The program uses ClickOnce deployment. Used TCP related classes NetworkStream, TcpListener, Socket, and TcpClient Project completed. This Application and / or source code is available for licensing.

Engineered C# Automated Commodities Trading program HT-TWSAPP. This C# multithreaded TWS App retrieves and processes live market data to make real time trades and compute P & L which provides feedback to the configured trade strategy. Trades are made via the Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation API using the socket interface.  Tick by tick data is saved to a MS SQL Server for back test runs to test new strategies. This Application and / or source code is available for licensing.

Engineered C# ASP.NET data driven PayPal e-commerce enabled website Memory Mats. This website provides product categories and a shopping cart. It also has a novel color selection page with a preview shown with selected options. On our other website IPN (instant payment notification) is implemented which delivers a digital product as soon as payment is verified by PayPal via server to server communication. In this case ClickOnce deployment is enabled after payment is verified. Special care has been taken to make it difficult to pirate the downloaded software. Projects completed. Memory Mats Client: John Parker. 

Mission Statement

Computers should make life easier and more satisfying for you. I can make that happen!

Our mission is to provide products and services that consistently exceed your expectations, allowing all to prosper.

We believe in total satisfaction. Satisfaction is the focus of everything we do. Going out of our way to satisfy is a way of life here. To listen, with concern, to your needs. To represent your best interest.

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Email:  Phone: 808-372-1570
John Orendt, Covington, Kentucky
United States of America

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