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My web site design style is to make it easy for the browser to find what they are looking for with Maximum readability.

All these Web Sites are designed to avoid annoying horizontal scrolling. They look good. Click on the screen shots to go to the actual web sites. Attention to detail and comprehensive testing is what makes a great web site. Let us build one for you.

Local and Internet 'Tic Tac Toe' Game

Internet Tic Tac Toe Game, also known as Noughts and Crosses with Chat and AI

Play Local or choose an online player by clicking on their unchecked name.

Latest Move Only mode. Improve the size of your mind's working memory.

For the Super Enlightened.
Try playing in the I'm Psychic mode.

Use Mouse or Keypad to play. 

Analog Clock Screen Saver

This screen saver has smoothed movements of the hour, minute and second hands just like a real analog clock. Your Color Preferences and update interval can be set. Digital Date and Time info is also displayed. Tested on XP Pro 32 bit, Server 2003 32 bit, Vista Ultimate 64 bit and Windows 7. Both executable and source code are available for free.

Farolito 4 Player

Peace promoting, 3D Board Game with zoom and rotate viewpoint uses DirectX 3D and runs as a windows application.

The board color is highlighted under each piece that can currently make a legal move. The board color turns green when the mouse is over a piece that you can legally move to. Drag the piece to move it.

Complexity level of game rules similar to chess.

Memory Mats Oahu Store Database driven eCommerce secure web site Home page. The header has a pink Aloha style background and a nice graphical header, where a picture of a ocean sunset shines through the letters. A portion of the same sunset picture is used as the background in the product category menu below. The header also has a search function which returns products that match the query. The database keeps track of the most popular items which are displayed  with the gray background. Buying flow is Product selection, Options selection, Add to Cart, Checkout, Payment processing, then return.

Salvage Boat Auction, requires registration / login to make a bid. Bids are sent to configured email address.


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